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September 2012

2012 has indeed been a year of defining change. Founding member of TTNA, Clear edge recently reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Australian company FilterTex Media the NSW based supplier of dry process filtration products. Another founding member INC Corporation has sold its business in Australia and the U.S. to the […]

This newsletter marks the beginning of a new communication era through TTNA’s new playpen of messages.  Take your time to browse the site, which is designed to be a reticule to represent the Australian technical and nonwoven textiles industry.

Another change is that of our location. After many years of planning, our offices have moved from Queens Road to 17 Rooney Street, Richmond. The move was disruptive and apologies are extended to those who have been unable to contact us at times. The new telephone number is 03 9429 9884.

Aggressive traffic, water and challenged accessibly render underground thoroughfares extremely difficult to build and maintain. TTNA member Geofabrics Australasia is providing solutionsto underground coal mines through two proprietary technologies, bidim® and Geoweb®. The products have proved to be more economical than traditional pavement methods which are difficult to construct in underground applications.  The Geoweb in […]

The TTNA along with IAC partners will present a half-day tech-clinic on the sciences and research, advanced testing methodologies, novel material development and modelling and simulation for combat uniform textiles and protective materials. Dr James Zheng, Chief Scientist with the Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment Program for the United States Army is travelling to Australia […]

The TTNA along with the FSAA is holding another workshop on how to choose the correct filtration products for specified processes. This one day tech-clinic will assist those who choose and specify filtration media and will cover the different types of textile filter media, and their application suitability, particularly the process parameters affect the filtration […]

Curiously titled – Report of the Non-Government Members – and subtitled “Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia” The Prime Ministers Taskforce report on Manufacturingis said to reflect the critical challenges facing the sector and the opportunities for manufacturing in the coming years.  The Taskforce was established last year as job losses began to accelerate   […]

One that all employers should be aware of, is the draft Code of Practice for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying, a copy of which can be found at this link.Since “Brodies” case in 2010 there has been a lot of attention devoted to resources warning employers about the risks of bullying in the workplace […]

Solid-liquid separation processes are used throughout various industries for the purposes of recovering valuable filtrate, increasing the solids concentration of slurries, etc. Several solid-liquid separation operations involve formation and consolidation of a saturated cake followed by desaturation of the cake, including vacuum, air-driven, gravity and centrifugal filtration and evaporation from a drying suspension such as […]

Lifecycle thinking is being applied to identify where it’s important to lightweight, and to determine other design strategies to reduce material use and the embodied energy within products. In recognition that lightweighting is being applied to all manufactured goods – from packaging (including plastic bottles) to soldier’s uniforms – the TTNA is conducting an analysis […]