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technical textiles & nonwoven association
November 2013

Polyacrylate (PCA), the chemical class of acrylate polymers derived from the polymerisation of acrylic acid esters and salts, was developed in the 1960s. Recent improvements have finally led to the commercialisation of this fibre and development of new applications that take advantage of PCA’s high performance non-flammability and non-toxic properties. In a presentation at the […]

Continuing the lightweighting theme, that CSIRO covered in an exclusive report for TTNA earlier this year, Dr Randy Meirowitz, President and Consultant, RND Technical Solutions Inc. confirmed that achieving more with less resources – especially input materials, labour to manufacture, energy use throughout a product’s lifecycle – will be increasingly important as lifecycle thinking is […]

Every day, in every country workers are exposed to the risk of burns from myriad threats including fire, electrical arc flash and molten metal splash. Risk of fire in the community -public facilities, transport and in the home – is also driving the flame resistant fabric market, which is increasingly being regulated by government regulations, […]

With over 50,000 metres of carbon fibre laminates and fabrics installed, the strengthening works commissioned by VicRoads for the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne continues to be the largest carbon fibre composite strengthened bridge anywhere in the world.   The aim of the strengthening project was to ensure the long term sustainability of the bridge to […]

Victoria’s Deakin University is undertaking a major textile research program that includes the areas of fibre science and metrology, textile technology and management, textile chemistry, environmental issues and clean technology, composite materials, and technical textiles.   An international collaboration between the RWTH Aachen University (Germany), CSIRO and Deakin University is focused on melt-spinning of piezo-active […]

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED), in all its forms, has become the most significant threat to troops operating in war zones. The wide spectrum of devices – ranging from rudimentary home-made explosives to sophisticated weapon systems containing high grade explosives – means that IEDs wound indiscriminately.     The detonation of any powerful explosive generates […]

Known as the feedstock for Australia’s arboreal herbivorous marsupials, koalas, the humble eucalypt could soon become the feedstock for Australia’s first biorefinery, according to CSIRO principal research scientist Dr Mike O’Shea.   At the 2013 annual conference for Technical and NonWoven Textiles, Dr O’Shea outlined CSIRO’s vision to refine eucalyptus oil to produce intermediary compounds […]