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technical textiles & nonwoven association
May 2017

A heartening confidence in manufacturing textiles in Australia is good reason for the owners of Melded Products to reinvest and reopen the iconic company. Melded Fabrics was once Australia’s premier non-woven fabric and carpet manufacturer that supplied the interior flooring, automotive and marine markets for decades. As co-owner of the branding and promotional products company […]

TTNA congratulates the directors and staff of Textor Technologies and Merino & Jumbuck for being finalists in the 2017 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards. While their categories were won by other worthy companies, reaching the finals is well earned recognition of the manufacturing excellence and significant achievements of these Victorian companies flowing from investment […]

A research team from Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) in Geelong Victoria is among five winners of H&M Foundations Global Change Award for their development of a process to recycle post-consumer denim products to colour new denim by printing thus by-passing the highly polluting dyeing process. Announced on 5 April, in Stockholm, the […]

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme has invested €11 million (AUD $16 million) in RESYNTEX,  a research project to create a new circular economy concept for the textile and chemical industries. RESYNTEX is a research project which aims to create a new circular economy concept for the textile and chemical industries. RESYNTEX has 20 project partners from […]