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Award for Australian scientists developing denim recycling process
May 2, 2017

A research team from Deakin University's Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) in Geelong Victoria is among five winners of H&M Foundations Global Change Award for their development of a process to recycle post-consumer denim products to colour new denim by printing thus by-passing the highly polluting dyeing process.

Announced on 5 April, in Stockholm, the award gives the team €150,000 (AUD $216,890) to further develop and commercialise the prototype process.  The Deakin research team developing an innovative recycling process for denim.

“This approach will also have major implications for other textiles and applications, not just denim,”  says team spokesperson Professor Xungai Wang, Director of  the IFM. "Scaling up and finding denim producers and fashion brands that will adopt this idea on a large scale is the next step."

The five winners of the award were decided by a global public on-line vote.

Pictured at right are members of the Deakin University research team (l-r): Dr Nolene Byrne, Dr Rangam Rajkhowa, Professor Xungai Wang, Dr Rebecca Van Amber and Dr Christopher Hurren.

As part of the awards announcement, the Foundation and partners Accenture released a trend report "Future of Sustainable Fashion" looking at the thousands of disruptive ideas from 130 different countries that were submitted for the award.  Read the report online at this link ... or download from this link ...