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Call for Papers – International Berlin Conference on Filtration by Textile Media
December 17, 2012

We are proudly announcing the International Berlin Conference on “Filtration by Textile Media”. Conference topics will cover general filtration mechanisms and filtration media’ on the first day (14th May 2013); the second day (15th May 2013) distinguishes gas filtration from liquid/liquid and solid-liquid filtration in parallel sessions.


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Topics include:  Filter Media, Filter Media Testing, Pretreatment and Finishing, Emission Control, Data Collection and Analyses, Gas Filtration, Gas-Solid Separation, Oil/Water Separation, Solid & Liquid Separation and Centrifugation, 3 Phase Separation, Pressure Filtration, Membrane Separation, Water Treatment, Hygienic Design, Novel Separation, Strategies and Devices


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