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Paper: Knitting Seamless on the Successive Waves of Globalisation
February 2, 2013

New technology has been an essential source of facilitating business enterprises. Since the founder’s invention of the fully automated glove-knitting machine in 1962, Shima Seiki has been pioneering apparel manufacturing systems throughout the past 50 years. Through a thorough historical research of Shima Seiki’s ongoing venture of new fashion creativity, this paper attempts to enhance our knowledge of the distinct Japanese characteristics of business enterprise on the successive waves of globalisation. The rise of electronics in the 1970s and the 1980s provided the firm with a new foundation for another business enterprise: the application of electronic control and computer graphics. After its unremitting R&D and technological endeavour for more than three decades, Shima Seiki introduced a path-breaking knitting technology, WHOLEGARMENT, in 1995. This is a terrific paper details how technology has informed and influenced fashion. click here to access the paper: