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The recent study for the VDMA German Engineering Federations Composite Technology Forum concludes that the market for high-strength reinforced composites will experience solid growth until 2020. At a rate of 17% per cent per annum, demand for high strength components made from carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP’s) will grow significantly stronger than demand for high […]

New technology has been an essential source of facilitating business enterprises. Since the invention of the fully automated glove-knitting machine in 1962, by the founder of Shima Seiki, the company has been pioneering apparel manufacturing systems throughout the past 50 years. Through a thorough historical research of Shima Seiki’s ongoing venture of new fashion creativity, this […]

Aggressive traffic, water and challenging access render underground thoroughfares extremely difficult to build and maintain. TTNA member Geofabrics Australasia is providing solutions to underground coal mines through two proprietary technologies, bidim® and Geoweb®. The products have proved to be more economical than traditional pavement methods which are difficult to construct in underground applications. Geoweb in […]

Solid-liquid separation processes are used throughout various industries for the purposes of recovering valuable filtrate, increasing the solids concentration of slurries, etc. Several solid-liquid separation operations involve formation and consolidation of a saturated cake followed by desaturation of the cake, including vacuum, air-driven, gravity and centrifugal filtration and evaporation from a drying suspension such as […]

The Report of the Non-Government Members – and subtitled “Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia” ; the Prime Ministers Taskforce report on Manufacturing is said to reflect the critical challenges facing the sector and the opportunities for manufacturing in the coming years.  It acknowledges that manufacturing is an essential component of a balanced and diversified […]

All employers should be aware of the Code of Practice for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying, a copy of which can be found on the Safe Work Australia website.. Since “Brodies” case in 2010 there has been a lot of attention devoted to resources warning employers about the risks of bullying in the workplace and […]