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Technology Clinic – Lightweighting using Textiles and Fibres – 21st March
February 20, 2013

Achieving more with less resources especially input materials, labour to manufacture, energy use throughout a products lifecycle (and for recycling or disposal) will be increasingly important as “lifecycle thinking” is applied to all forms of manufactured products and services.  Lightweighting is often an effective strategy to achieve this outcome.


Lightweighting – simply defined as reducing the weight of a product or structure usually reduces the amount of materials consumed, or going to waste; the amount of energy, chemicals or water consumed during manufacture; the energy required to transport the final product; or the energy consumed during use. (Where the product needs to move – e.g. an aircraft, motor vehicle or robot – the consumption of resources is even more critical).


For example, raw material costs can represent as much as 70% of the cost of nonwoven roll goods.  Hence achieving similar or better functionality and performance using less input materials can significantly alter the economics of production.


Textiles and fibres are essential materials in this paradigm.


This technology clinic will present a report that provides an overview of lightweighting using textiles and fibres. This report is intended to bridge the gap in knowledge and open the field for discussion and interaction between the various actors along a product’s lifecycle –  enabling them to better respond to the changing marketplace.


This event will include a 2 hour tour of the Toyota plant. Click here for more information