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TTNA joins Asia Pacific Nonwovens Federation
November 14, 2017

Australia’s TTNA is one of seven nonwoven industry bodies from the Asia Pacific region brought together by the China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA) to form the Asia Pacific Nonwovens Federation.

Founding members, Mr Li Lingshen President of CNITA[1], Mr David Rousse, President of INDA[2] and Ms Kerryn Caulfield, Executive Manager of the TTNA[3] met at the recent China

Nonwoven and industrial textiles associations in Indonesia, India, Korea and Japan are intending to join the Federation which has a mission to serve the sector through the exchange of information, establishment of standards and support of the growth of cross market opportunities.

After a decade of rapid growth and investment, China is now the world's largest producer of nonwovens, accounting for 40% of global production. China is also the world’s largest exporting country as well as the largest consumer market for non-woven fabrics. The largest application for China nonwovens is medical and hygiene (28%), followed by building and geotextiles (16%) which is being fuelled by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Packaging, filtration and separation, agriculture and transport applications are each running at around 10%.

“I am grateful to the CNITA and INDA for initiating the Federation and including Australian interests,” says Kerryn Caulfield of Australia’s TTNA. “We look forward to capitalising on the synergies between our countries and to furthering the development of international interests with fellow Federation members.”

APNF founding members

Founding members of APNF from left, Mr Li Lingshen President of CNITA, Ms Kerryn Caulfield, Executive Manager of the TTNA, Mr David Rousse, President of INDA, Mrs Guimei Li, Vice President of CNITA and C.K. Wong Chairman & CEO OF U.S. Pacific

[1] The China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association

[2] The Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry USA

[3] The Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Association (Australia)