Delivering Advanced Materials to the Global Economy
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The NSW Government has launched a new strategy to transform NSW into a global leader in advanced manufacturing. The NSW Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy includes a dozen initiatives to make NSW a beacon for advanced manufacturing investment and exports, ensuring it can provide the jobs of the future. I like the statement that “advanced […]

Undertaken by the ClimateWorks Foundation, “Measuring Fashion 2018” is a report on the environmental impact of the global apparel and footwear industries. The study is based on the World Apparel and Footwear Life Cycle Database (WALDB) and provides impact results for climate change, water, and human health, among other indicators. Click here to see a […]

Waste and Resources Action Programme was set up in the UK in 2000 to promote sustainable waste management. In 2012, WRAP released the pioneering ‘Valuing Our Clothes’ report. It examined the carbon, water and waste footprints of clothing throughout its life cycle for one year in the UK. This comprehensive report, looks at the progress […]

Researchers have developed technology that could allow super glassy polymer materials to be revisited for commercial applications in gas separations. Developed by the CSIRO, the new technology, when applied to plastic lining promises to radically improve the efficiency of filtration of exhaust gases from power plants, according to researchers. Currently, the techniques industry use to […]

In this presentation Dr Floreana Coman, of FCST – Fabrics & Composites Science & Technologies, reviews international research and reports into the environmental impacts of synthetic turf manufacture and usage and concludes: There is science behind any good synthetic turf Synthetic turf is a high-tech material For best product outcome, we have to take into […]

AVR predicts Europe’s transition to Horizon 2020 will transform innovation and research politics as all members of the European Union recognise research and innovation are the key factors to create sustainable growth and prosperity. The AVR  2013 Report into Nonwoven and Technical Textiles Research in Europe and Market Overview is available to read online.

Lightweighting is a necessity driven by some very important, but complex, issues – including global warming, carbon emissions, resource scarcity, sustainability. Lightweighting often requires the redesign of the product. This provides an opportunity to improve the design, manufacturability, and usability, to reduce labour inputs and improve the performance requirements of the end product. Textiles and […]

Lightweighting, or product weight optimisation, is not just the latest “buzz word”. It is a necessity driven by very important, but complex issues including global warming, carbon emissions, resource scarcity and sustainability. There is significant potential for advanced technologies in fibre, textiles and composite materials to help manufacturers achieve their lightweighting goals and grow global […]

Representatives from Australia’s synthetic turf and technical textiles industries came together to deliberate a body of research on the specific materials and designs currently used in synthetic turf products to enable more comprehensive information to be distributed to end users and the Australian public. As part of the Australian Advanced Materials manufacturing sector, the industries […]

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s report on the Economics of a Circular Economy invites readers to imagine an economy in which today’s goods are tomorrow’s resources, forming a virtuous cycle that fosters prosperity in a world of finite resources. This change in perspective is important to address many of today’s fundamental challenges. Traditional linear consumption patterns […]