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The 13th Asian Textile Conference (ATC-13) was held in Geelong, Australia in November 2015. The conference was hosted by Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials and the Technical Textiles and Non Wovens Association on behalf of the Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations (FAPTA). ATC-13 provided a wonderful opportunity for global scientists and researchers in all textile fields with […]

Expect defense to shrink while commercial aerospace sets new records. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) Global Manufacturing Industry group has released a report on the 2013 outlook for the global aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. The report provides observations about the challenges, issues, and opportunities in the sector. According to the report, the global defense segment is […]

AVR predicts Europe’s transition to Horizon 2020 will transform innovation and research politics as all members of the European Union recognise research and innovation are the key factors to create sustainable growth and prosperity. The AVR  2013 Report into Nonwoven and Technical Textiles Research in Europe and Market Overview is available to read online.

Lightweighting is a necessity driven by some very important, but complex, issues – including global warming, carbon emissions, resource scarcity, sustainability. Lightweighting often requires the redesign of the product. This provides an opportunity to improve the design, manufacturability, and usability, to reduce labour inputs and improve the performance requirements of the end product. Textiles and […]

Lightweighting, or product weight optimisation, is not just the latest “buzz word”. It is a necessity driven by very important, but complex issues including global warming, carbon emissions, resource scarcity and sustainability. There is significant potential for advanced technologies in fibre, textiles and composite materials to help manufacturers achieve their lightweighting goals and grow global […]

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s report on the Economics of a Circular Economy invites readers to imagine an economy in which today’s goods are tomorrow’s resources, forming a virtuous cycle that fosters prosperity in a world of finite resources. This change in perspective is important to address many of today’s fundamental challenges. Traditional linear consumption patterns […]

The recent study for the VDMA German Engineering Federations Composite Technology Forum concludes that the market for high-strength reinforced composites will experience solid growth until 2020. At a rate of 17% per cent per annum, demand for high strength components made from carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP’s) will grow significantly stronger than demand for high […]

New technology has been an essential source of facilitating business enterprises. Since the invention of the fully automated glove-knitting machine in 1962, by the founder of Shima Seiki, the company has been pioneering apparel manufacturing systems throughout the past 50 years. Through a thorough historical research of Shima Seiki’s ongoing venture of new fashion creativity, this […]

Aggressive traffic, water and challenging access render underground thoroughfares extremely difficult to build and maintain. TTNA member Geofabrics Australasia is providing solutions to underground coal mines through two proprietary technologies, bidim® and Geoweb®. The products have proved to be more economical than traditional pavement methods which are difficult to construct in underground applications. Geoweb in […]