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Synthetic turf – delivering environmental outcomes

Representatives from Australia’s synthetic turf and technical textiles industries came together to deliberate a body of research on the specific materials and designs currently used in synthetic turf products to enable more comprehensive information to be distributed to end users and the Australian public.

As part of the Australian Advanced Materials manufacturing sector, the industries recognise the benefits of focusing on strategies and devising improved communications channels within the industry itself, and with external industries, interest groups, government and the broader public specifically on the technical properties of the materials used in manufacturing.

This event was initiated by Ms Kerryn Caulfield, CEO of the Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Association, and speakers included leading composites scientist Dr Floreana Coman and strategy consultant Dr Martin Schlegel, Director of Chemneera Pty Ltd, along with a discussion panel that included Mr David Carpenter, Research & Development Manager for Tapex Pty Ltd; Mr Grant Humphreys, Managing Director of Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd and Dr Schlegel.

Australia is fortunate to have a sophisticated synthetic turf manufacturing industry and associated supply chain of suppliers and installers; all of which have developed a collective understanding the UV and performances challenges of the Australian climate. David Carpenter said: “The Australian synthetic turf industry produces advanced materials manufactured to provide profound environmental benefits.”

To address some of the questions and negative inferences raised by certain media articles in the last few years, Dr Coman presented on the fundamentals of the synthetic turf product - clarifying the actual science that is involved, the manufacturing process and providing an account of the historical development of synthetic turf.

Synthetic turf case study