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Safety evaluation research

There is a plethora of research available investigating the safety and playability of synthetic turf surfaces. The following are some links to organisations based in Europe and the USA through which these can be accessed.


FieldTurf (USA): The FieldTurf research resource center is hosts a comprehensive collection of valuable research and general documents pertaining to the safety and performance of artificial turf systems. Resources and research can be found at this link. 


The European Synthetic Turf Organisation: The non-profit organisation, ESTO offers neutral and unbiased information about the development of synthetic turf and aims to promote the numerous advantages and benefits. General documents pertaining to the safety and performance of artificial turf systems can be found at this link.


The Synthetic Turf Council (USA): In recognition that the scrutiny on the usage of synthetic turf increases in parallel with its popularity, the STC actively collects research and studies from independent, third-party organisation about synthetic turf and its components. The research by agencies can be found at this link.


The Center for Sports Surface Research (USA): The Center for Sports Surface Research at Penn is an intercollege program managed within the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Department of Plant Science. Through cooperative scientific inquiry the center’s members expect to improve performance and safety on all sports surfaces. The Center conducted a series of experiments to evaluate the effects of varying these components on surface temperature. Studies on articficial turf can be found at this link.   utcomes of the research can be found at this link.


Other reports:

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Synthetic turf test results released by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS).


The US Product and Safety Commission (CPSC) Analysis and Assessment of Synthetic Turf “Grass Blades”


d) The real facts about synthetic turf published by the collective of Tiger Turf, Synthetic Turf Industries and Team Sports Pty Ltd